Ivy Stark
Ivy Stark knew she wanted to be a chef from a young age. She graduated from an easy-bake oven to cooking classes at age nine. Since, her passion for international cuisine has led her to posts in acclaimed restaurants in New York and Los Angeles. As sous chef at the New York Times three and four star restaurants, Sign of the Dove and Cena she assisted Executive Chefs Andy D'Amico and Normand Laprise with menu creation and daily kitchen operations. She has also worked with celebrated chefs Gary Robins, Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger. Currently the Executive Chef at New York's hottest Mexican restaurant Dos Caminos, Ivy has earned her place among the top chefs in the city.

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Ivy Stark's dishes demonstrate real imagination
-Frank Bruni, The New York Times

Stark's cuisine defines accessible exoticism
Steve Cuozzo,The New York Post

Ivy Stark satisfies the pleasure principle with adventurous, eclectic cuisine
Moira Hodgson-The New York Observer

Ivy Stark creates a menu that is simultaneously sensible, inspired and delicious
-Paul Adams-The New York Sun
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